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Did Maryam Nawaz just use a fake number plate or that from a stolen bike?

And so, the Prime Minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz finally appeared in front of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) as a result of the Panama Leaks.

As the eventful day passed by, nothing was left unnoticed under the eyes of Pakistani media. On hat note, one such detail has raised a lot of questions. Apparently, one of the family-owned BMWs, which drove Maryam Nawaz to the Federal Judicial Academy, was found using an illegal number plate. ANd with further investigation, it was known that the number plate belonged to someone else’s motorbike!

If that wasn’t bad enough, certain journalists have revealed that the plate belonged to a stolen motorbike.

A quick search at Islamabad Excise department’s website using Maryam Nawaz’s car’s number plate gives the following results:

The registration number “SN-777” was assigned to a Honda 125CC motorbike back in 2010. The bike is owned by Muhammad Daud, son of Kala Khan.

Another BMW from the same VVIP convoy had a registration number of BC-348, which apparently belonged to a leased Honda Civic from 2014. The car is owned by Faisal Bank.

A Land Cruiser, which was also accompanying Maryam Nawaz, had a registration number of CS-787. That number belongs to a Toyota Axio- Model 2007. Records show that the car is owned by Imran Maqbool.

The Minister of Information, Maryam Aurangzeb, had officially confirmed that Maryam Nawaz had arrived at the Federal Judicial Academy using vehicles which were owned and used by the Sharif family.

There is no law which allows anyone else to use vehicles with fake or illegal number plates. An act like this is punishable by years of imprisonment since these are all privately owned vehicles for a regular citizen. Will our officials be held to the same standards? Let’s all wait and watch!

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