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Designer accuses Multan Sultans for stealing logo

A Graphic Designer has accused the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) franchise Multan Sultans for stealing its visual creations.

Bilal Ahmed, a visual art designer has claimed that the recently unveiled logo of the Multan Sultans is actually its creation, adding that he designed the logo for the former management of the cricket franchise.

Ahmed’s logo designed for the former management

“Multan Sultans Marketing representative came to me at the studio where I work and asked to reboot logos for Multan Sultans (Pakistan Super League) and Multan Legends (Super Boxing League). After weeks of hard work and labor they really appreciated my concept work for both PSL and SBL and asked me to hold it until Multan Sultans team gets out of managerial crises,” Ahmed wrote on Facebook.

Bilal Ahmed’s Visual Design

However, the former management failed to continue with rights of the franchise and they sold it to Ali Tareen who’s the son of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Jahangir Khan Tareen.

“Last Month, after acquiring the franchise Ali Tareen unveiled the logo for its team. I was shocked to see how shamelessly they copied both of my work without my prior permission,” he added.

The logo which reflects a “Sultan” riding a horse with a cricket bat in hand and showcases the cricketing passion of the people hailing from South Punjab.

Ahmed’s creation

It also has the monumental sites of the region including the shrine of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Derawar Fort and Fort Monroe in the background.

The designer lambastes the Multan Sultans management that they invest billions in the revival of cricket; however, they copied the design without his consent.

“It is so sad but in fact a reality how educated people are doing these kinds of senseless and shameful acts and bringing harm to the industry by infringing rights and trust,” he said.

Moreover, Ahmed stressed that thousands of freelancers and graphic designers should not be easily mugged from their intellectual property.

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