Denmark to appoint world’s first ever ‘digital ambassador’
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Denmark to appoint world’s first ever ‘digital ambassador’

Denmark is set to become the first nation in the world to appoint its very own “Digital Ambassador”, who will work on building ties with the global tech giants like Google and Apple, according to the country’s foreign minister.

“These companies have become a kind of new nations, and we need to address this [tendency],” said Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen.

Samuelsen said the initiative emphasizes on the importance of growth to the Danish economy, claiming that Google, Apple, IBM, and Microsoft “are companies that influence Denmark as much as other nations do: it’s a new reality.”

The appointed official will be charged with establishing and building Denmark’s relations with the tech giants.

Denmark to appoint world’s first ever ‘digital ambassador’

“Although only one percent of all companies in Denmark are foreign, they create some 20 percent of all Danish jobs. For this reason, the Danish government works continuously to attract more foreign investments to Denmark,” Samuelsen said upon signing the deal with Facebook last week.

The new appointment will be a tech liaison, reflecting a diplomatic power shift between the established nations and privately-owned unions.

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