Biggest cyber attack ever, on major websites, around the world
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Biggest Cyber Attack ever shuts down major websites, around the world

DDos- A major cyber attack has shut down the most prominent and acclaimed internet websites, from around the world. Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) is a complete server command which adds the gibberish and useless data in computers to make the hacked resources unavailable for the users.

As per the reports by the foreign media and news agencies, the massiveness of the attack has almost bring the usage of the websites to a pit-stop; hacking all the data, and atrophying the use.

Not being able to find the exact root of the problem, it is being speculated that a major ‘DNS’ server called as ‘Dyn’ is currently under severe web attack, due to which the access to the websites has been completely barred.

Dyn, basically, acts a layer of IP resolvers for URLs of all type when paired with DNS servers. It simply means that when a user intends to visit a specific website and he types a URL; the DNS service resolves the URL command, directs them to the concerned IP address, which is then shown in the form of a webpage to the users. If the DNS layers are took on, URLs are unable to resolve; in turn making websites completely inaccessible.

This cyber attack of the decade has left its footprints on the internet, in general, all over the world. The websites which are not even directly under-attack are also acting slowly in response.

Dyn resources announced that the attack happened around 06:00 pm (Pakistani Time) which was immediately resolved and the concerned services were recovered. But, another serious and more powerful attack was launched around 10:15 (PST) which completely thumped the access to the service, making websites totally inaccessible in the end.

Dyn posted an update;

“Our engineers continue to investigate and mitigate several attacks aimed against the Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure.”

The websites affected by the most “Brutal and the Serious Cyber-Attack” of all-time include;

  • Amazon,
  • Business Insider,
  • SoundCloud,
  • New York Times,
  • Twitter,
  • Freshbooks,
  • Reddit,
  • Netflix,
  • Spotify,
  • Heroku
  • Github,
  • Shopify,
  • Boston Globe,
  • Vox Media properties and others,
  • Airbnb,
  • Disqus,
  • Fox News,
  • Mashable,
  • Hostgator,
  • Weebly,
  • The Verge,
  • PayPal,
  • Intercom,
  • CNN, and many more…

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