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Consulate General of Afghanistan, Karachi under terrorism threat

Consulate General of Afghanistan and Federation House, which is hub of the main activities of FPCCI, has come under terrorism threat. As per the details revealed, the rangers operation has started in parking of the Consulate building.

It is being alleged that one or more terrorists is hiding in the parking lot, due to which security forces have reached at the spot.

The sources inside the building have revealed that they have been locked down with security personnel searching every car to find the concerned terrorists. It has also been revealed that ambulances have started reaching the point, in case of any unpleasant incident.

Rangers and security authorities have surrounded the buildings from all sides, with the people outside and inside under total stationary movements.

Apart from this, the firing of the stationed Afghan guard has also left the consulate member M. Zaki dead.

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More details regarding the incident will be updated soon. 

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