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Companies Are Utilizing AI To Administer Climate Change.

Almost a week back millions of students took to the streets to protest the lack of action governments are taking to combat climate change. A young Swedish campaigner Greta Thunberg made an intense and emotionally charged speech at the United Nations, begging world leaders to step up their commitment to protecting the planet’s future. Headlines were running across the world highlighting her rally, accusing our leaders off failing us.

Governments can, and should, do more to confront climate change. People have been equally curious about how cutting-edge technology is being used to fight and shelter against the effects of global warming. History has proven itself that governments aren’t always as productive as the private sector. A recently published paper titled “tackling climate change with machine learning,” written by some of the leading proponents of artificial intelligence. The paper is a call-to-action, highlighting 13 areas where artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can be applied to climate change.

Google’s UK-based DeepMind laboratory applies its industry-leading knowledge of neural networks and machine learning to apply more efficient data-interpretation to energy consumption and energy-grid distributions. In an announcement, Google explained how it has improved the efficiency and value wind-farms are providing by 20 percent by utilizing artificial intelligence to schedule energy deliveries based on predictability models. In other words, wind farms are able to inject their green electricity into a national energy grid at peak times based on AI recommendations. As a result, less reliance is placed on fossil fuels.

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