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Cinepax brings first-ever laser projectors in Pakistan for a premium cinematic experience

Cinema chain ‘Cinepax’ has introduced Laser Projectors for the first time ever in Pakistan. Cinepax is renowned for its premium cinema offerings that make every visit a completely fascinating event for Pakistani families.

This is a time of development in silver screen innovation progressions and Cinepax has turned into the pioneer in conveying the most recent Barco Laser Projectors to Pakistan that guarantees to be that most true to life yet. The Barco Laser Projectors give reliably brighter, more honed and more uniform pictures, conveying dazzling and soaked hues for the most exact and immersive motion picture introduction accessible today.

Mariam El Bacha, CEO Cinepax stated:

“Cinepax’s commitment to Pakistan is to ensure that we seduce our guests by providing a state-of-the-art entertainment experience and excellent service, and we could not be more proud of our flagship location in Packages Mall, Lahore. screens and plywood not only has the largest screen in Pakistan, but also the first children’s hall in the country called Minipax. Through the laser projectors from Barco to bring to Pakistan, we connect to be the most favorite entertainment company in Pakistan and it strengthens our dedication to the country and its families to provide a world-class entertainment experience. “

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