China's 'draconian' new Cyber laws neglected by workers
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China’s ‘draconian’ new Cyber laws neglected by workers

Chinese government has approved new cyber-security laws on Monday regarding swift criticism constructing under international business and human rights group.

China says that it will prevent them from growing threats such as hacking and terrorism. It will secure their personal information and combat online fraud.

However there are already present laws which are alloyed by Chinese government, the critics says it will become a barrier for Chinese development.

James Zimmerman, who works as Chairman in American Chamber of Commerce, China says that, “We believe this is a step backwards for innovation in China that won’t do much to improve security”

While on the other side, Yang Heqing, an official on the National People’s Congress standing committee, said that the Internet plays a important part for China’s national security and development.

“China is an internet power, and as one of the countries that faces the greatest internet security risks, urgently needs to establish and perfect network security legal systems.”

These cyber-security laws, several companies raised their concerns and they fear that what will happen if they have to hand over intellectual property or open back doors within products in order to operate in China’s market.

Its a new turn-over of situation for Chinese government. Will these laws prove to be a successful step for them? It remains to be seen.

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