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Chancellor of Iqra University, Hunaid Lakhani joins MQM! Political Agenda or Something else?

A prominent and well known, Educationist and Chancellor of Iqra University, Hunaid Lakhani has recently joined MQM. In a recent press conference held at 90, in which he openly declares that he now owns MQM and Altaf Hussain’s policies and also respects and admires his vision wholeheartedly.

After his joining, there are several people who are appreciating his decision, and saying that it might turn out to be good decision for the people of Karachi. Hunaid Lakhani is quite well aware of the grass root problems of the city and their solutions perspectively.

Likewise, there are people who are not happy about his decision of joining MQM. Well, time will tell whether his decision turn out to be in the favour of the people of Karachi or not. Best of luck Hunaid Lakhani!

Here are few pictures from the press conference:

Hunaid_Lakhani-MQM472016 (3)

Hunaid_Lakhani-MQM472016 (9) Hunaid_Lakhani-MQM472016 (6)



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