Canada’s immigration website crashes as Trump wins US elections
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Canada’s immigration website crashes as Trump wins US elections

Canada’s official website provided information on immigration and citizenship has been experiencing repeated outages, presumably due to a surge in traffic as Donald Trump grabbed an early lead in the US presidential race.

Just as the race was kicking off many Americans joked that they would move out of the US, namely to Canada, if Trump won the presidency.

However, it may be a coincidence, and may not be since the site already crashed earlier this year – when US presidential candidate Donald Trump declared victory on Super Tuesday.

Surprisingly, the search trend “how can I move to Canada” spiked violently that day, just as it is doing at the moment, according to Google statistics.

Searches for the word “emigrate” also jumped in the United States as the Republican steamed ahead in Tuesday’s election, the Telegraph reported.

Even ahead of Election Day, many celebrities expressed their discontent with Trump’s anti-immigration and borderline racist remarks, and have threatened to leave the US if the Republican wins.

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