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Burger King admits it has been selling beef burgers and Whoppers containing horsemeat



Burger King has admitted that it has been selling burgers and Whoppers containing horse meat despite two weeks of denials.

The contaminated burgers were made by the Irish-based processing company, Silver crest, which is part the ABP Foods Group.

It is known that the management at Silver crest has been using a series of non-approved ingredients in their burgers for a range of household name brands.

Burger King abandoned its earlier denials, saying: ‘Four samples recently taken from the Silver crest plant have shown the presence of very small trace levels of equine DNA.

Burger King has faced allegations of orchestrating a cover-up of its links to the horse meat scandal in order to give it time to find an alternative supplier. It has admitted selling burgers containing horse meat.

It also raises serious questions about whether the food company, which sells around one million burgers a week in the UK, has any good idea about what goes into its products.


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