British-Indian stabs wife 124 times over asking for divorce
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British-Indian stabs wife 124 times over asking for divorce

In a shocking revelation, a NRI banker 124 times stabbed his wife to death; upon asking for divorce. According to the Britain media reports, the British Indian man has been held accountable and is behind the bars now.

Sanjay Nijahawani, an Investment banker, killed Sonita Nijhwan, his wife, with a knife and an axe in front of their only four-year-old son.

Sanjay had quit his highly paid job at Barclays bank, but, the mortgage of £670,000 was still left. Both, husband and the wife, used to live at $2.4 million (£2 million) mansion in Weybridge, Surrey.

Months before killing his wife, Sanjay was diagnosed with depression. A doctor who diagnosed the disease had stated that the pressure had become intolerable for the culprit; and he lost his mind when wife asked for the divorce.

Chander Parkash, Sonita’s father stated;

“We built that house like Fort Knox, with burglar alarms, fire alarms, security to keep her safe from the outside world but little did we know the danger was from the inside.”

Sonita had 124 major injuries on her body including 40 cut and pressurized force injuries on her head.

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