Did this bomber train in Pakistan?
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Another terrorist being linked to Pakistan

The New York and New Jersey attack shook the foundations of the American society, last weekend. The bomber who tried to blow up the Chelsea area, Ahmad Khan Rahami, was caught and since then; the web of stories associated to the bombing have been spinning.

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A new report, concluded on Monday, has revealed that Rahami spent weeks getting religious education from a local Pakistani seminary.

As per the anonymous sources, Rahami lived for three weeks in Kuchlak. Kuchlak is an area which is considered to be a Taliban-centric, since 2011. He attended lectures at the Kaan Kuwa Naqshbandi seminary.

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On the other hands, various sources on the condition of anonymity have revealed to the media that the Pakistani security agencies are trying to “hide all details” of his visits to Quetta. However, we cannot put all the blame on the internal Pakistani agencies.

Coming to the US counterpart, the security officials and law enforcement agencies are also shun over commenting anything about Rahami’s trips to Pakistan. The only information to come out of them is that he was married during a visit to Quetta.

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