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Boeing’s next aircraft will face international scrutiny

International regulators in Europe and the Middle East will individually certify the next Boeing aircraft to enter the market, according to the Wall Street Journal. The publication states that this is as a result of the ongoing Boeing 737 MAX grounding.

Typically, with major aircraft, such as those from Boeing, aviation authorities across the globe will respect the FAA’s certification of an aircraft, perhaps carrying out a couple of their own tests but not much more than that. After all, it would not previously have been logical for a small nation with relatively few of an aircraft to certify it themselves. However, that could now change.

Both the Middle East and Europe will have large numbers of Boeing aircraft based in their territories, and Boeing is currently working on certifying the 777X. The UAE’s flag carrier Emirates has previously said that it would bring a Boeing 777 to Dubai for tests next year. However, in Europe Lufthansa will be the type’s launch customer, with British Airways also ordering a number of the aircraft.

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