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Bank accounts without biometric verification to be blocked after June 30

From several months, bank account holders in Pakistan are receiving text messages for the biometric verification. Here are all the details that why it is important for you to do it as soon as possible.

In October 2018, biometric verification was made compulsory by State Bank of Pakistan. SBP asked all the commercial banks including microfinance and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) for the biometric verification of their account holders.

Banks in Pakistan have been sending frequent reminders to ensure that all the customers get their accounts verified by June 30, 2019, which is the deadline set by the state bank. However, if you fail to visit your bank for the biometric verification, your bank account can get blocked. Some people have received letters with a warning that their accounts may be suspended if they don’t complete the due process.

On the other side, the banks began biometric verification of the account owners since 2016. So, there should be no need to undergo the same process if someone has opened their account in or after the said year.

According to sources, some people are still getting these messages even though their accounts were biometrically verified at the time of the opening. If you are one of those, just visit the bank and resolve the issue.

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