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Around The Globe Companies Are Focusing On Environment Friendly Packaging. Find Out Here!

Around the world, big multinational companies are trying really best to reduce plastic waste from their packaging. Our environment is already facing massive issues of plastic pollution; companies are coming up with strategies to make the environment more ecofriendly.

Procter & Gamble recently began offering some product cream jars with refill pouches on, telling Reuters it has plans to expand the sales of the pouches in Europe early next year. “We’re learning on our legs so I don’t know that we’re in a position to say, ‘Hey, here’s the magic to selling refills,’” P&G spokesman Damon Jones said.

According to Reuters, beauty products retailer The Body Shop, owned by Brazil’s Natura Cosmeticos, says it plans to roll out “refill stations” in its stores globally next year, allowing shoppers to buy reusable metal containers to fill with Body Shop shower gels or creams. The company had offered refills at its stores in the early 1990s, but discontinued them in 2003, citing a lack of consumer demand.

It was reported that Unilever, which has set targets for reducing and recycling plastic by 2025, in October announced the planned launch of “refill sticks” of deodorants under its Dove line of personal care products on The website, operated by recycling company TerraCycle, offers consumers the chance to buy some household products in ultra-durable packaging with refills delivered to their doors, milkman-style.

worldwide consumer goods industry, results for refillable products have been mixed so far as many shoppers are far too set in their ways to be easily weaned from living in a throwaway culture. While refills are less expensive to purchase, they are generally priced at 20% to 30% less per item than the containers they are aimed to replenish, according to Unilever.  Shoppers have so far, for the most part, failed to snap them up, the companies said.

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