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Around 1.5 million Muslims starting Hajj rituals in Saudi Arabia, today.


Around 1.5 million Muslims from around the world have started Hajj Rituals in the Holy City of Makkah. Most of the security analyst had suggested that after the stampede of previous year, which left 2300 dead, the number of pilgrims this year will be less. However, the pilgrims remain oblivious to previous year’s incident.

The completion of preliminary rituals at the Grand Mosque has almost been done. And, now pilgrims will move towards Mina by train, buses or foot. The temperature has exceeded to 40 C (100 F).

The Government officials have been removed from Mina in order to make more space. While, the area to Jamarat has been expanded, in order to prevent last year’s incident from happening again.

Moreover, distribution of bracelets that store personal data of the pilgrims is also under-progress since the people from around the world started arriving. The bracelets will help in identifying people if something happens to them during the ritualistic ceremonies. The exact number of bracelets distributed so far have not been revealed yet.







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