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Apple Soon To launch iGlass, Find Out Here!

According to The Information, the launch of an augmented reality headset that would allow you to place digital content on top of the real world will come in 2022, and a year later, it will offer a set of glasses that can do the same thing.

Given the current situation where everybody is heading towards AR, where it can fit inside small enough products that it can be worn like normal glasses and without a big bulky headset. The hope is that AR can be the next major computing platform that replaces phones, computer screens and televisions with a pair of smart glasses.

CNBC reported that the Information said Apple gathered “enough employees to fill the 1,000 seats Steve Jobs Theater” to discuss the timeline for its new AR products. Normally, Apple silos its top-secret projects so that as few employees as possible know about major launches.

The company’s latest headset and glasses will use cameras for augmented reality, similar to what’s already available on modern iPhones and iPads, The Information report said.

Apple plans to reduce the size of that with another product, a set of AR glasses dubbed “N421” that are “meant to be worn all day,” according to the report.

Other tech companies like Google Glass and products from companies like Vuzix are capable of displaying information on a small screen in front of a user, but augmented reality would allow much more complex information, displaying things like games or objects in the world around a user. AR on an iPhone, for example, can let you place a digital couch in your living room to see if it fits before you buy it.

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