This app will keep track of the crimes!
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This app will keep track of the crimes!

The Lahore Police have launched an initiative to help citizens report the crimes. The Lahore PD has launched a GPS-enabled Android app which will help the public to report crimes, easily and efficiently.

The app has been named as Rescue 15 Lahore and will assist the police in digging up the exact location of the complainant, whenever they register a crime. This way, a team would be dispatched without any problems.

This app will keep track of the crimes!

The app has three services – Rescue 15 emergency services, Anti-Terrorism Hotline and Police Complaint Cell.

The app is registered under the SIM of the user, with the police. The users will have to provide their CNIC, mobile number, address, and name.

After registration, the registrant would receive a verification call from the police asking if the profile has been generated by them or not.

This app will keep track of the crimes!

Inspector Abid Rasheed, in-charge of the Ops Room, with relevance to the app stated; “This is the only GPS-enabled app in Lahore.”

There is also a SOS feature which can be activated in case of extreme emergencies, such as snatching and decoitry etc. Police has warned that the misuse or the prank emergencies through the app can lead to serious consequences.

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