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Another Pakistani TikToker shot dead while recording a video

Another Pakistani TikToker has killed himself while making a TikTik video. The boy accidentally shot and killed himself while filming.

The boy from Abbottabad pulled the trigger while filming a video in his home in the Bagan neighborhood of Abbottabad.

It is still not clear if the teenager died on impact or succumbed to the wound afterwards. According to the reports, the body of the deceased has been handed over to family after postmortem.

There is no shortage of incidents of teenagers getting shot and killed in the middle of shooting a TikTok video.
This raises the question of how are these teenagers allowed to access firearms, to begin with?

Previously police arrested a Pakistani TikToker in Lahore for posing with firearms and aerial firing videos. However, keeping firearms out of the reach of children is a parent’s responsibility.

Recently on June 21st, 17-year-old Tanveer shot and killed himself while shooting a TikTok video in Karachi.

Around that time a 17-year-old died under the same circumstances in Sialkot. The boy had access to his father’s licensed firearm and pulled the trigger while holding the gun to his own temple.

What I don’t understand is that how do these kids get the access of a firearm? What are the parents doing at this time? They should be the one responsible to look after their kids.

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