'ANONYMOUS' sends alarming message to citizens of the world
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‘ANONYMOUS’ sends alarming message to citizens of the world

Citizens of nation, around the world – we are Anonymous! This is a message from us – from the resistance – from the last line of defence, we have been watching the world’s events and truth be told: WE ARE HIGHLY DISPLEASED!”

The mentioned text opens the video posted by an ‘Anonymous’ hacktivist group, famous for hacking the system of affluent with negative imprints. The most prominent achievement of this hacking group, so far, has been entering into the ISIS’ system.

The group sends a disquieting message to citizens of the world, addressing them to stay more active and cautious about what’s going to happen with the world in 2017. An anonymous representative, wearing their signature Guy Fawkes mask, appears on the screen and alarms everyone not to be misled by their governments. He claims that the Anonymous group is the only chance of survival and a proactive stand against the corrupt and fraudulent government and authorities around the world.

In this 11 minute video, Anonymous takes you to the dark side of the happenings around the world, be it political or general. It asserts that President-elect Donald Trump and CIA are a bigger part of a negative agenda and black propaganda that will soon take the world near to its doomsday.

The group forces citizens to join hands with them and take stand against everything that is working against the integrity of this world.

“We are fighting for your rights, we are fighting for you. If you are tired of the government and people around the world, than join us, ‘JOIN THE RESISTANCE’.”


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