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American Airlines flight forced to land because of unruly passenger

An American Airlines flight was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Denver after a male passenger became unruly, punching seats, yelling at other passengers and smoking cigarettes.

Originating in Phoenix, Flight 2408 was headed to Minneapolis on Friday when the passenger became disruptive about one hour after takeoff. Passenger Jim Dickey, who was traveling for a convention, said the man began yelling and making threats toward the other passengers.

The man continued to pick a fight with another passenger before hitting the seat of a woman in front of him, who screamed, Dickey says. He says the man hit the plane a few more times, which is the point Dickey and his wife knew something was wrong.

The pair says they had a perfect view into the bathroom, where they noticed the man running down the aisle toward the lavatory while yelling that he had to pee.

Once the plane was safely on the runway, a video shows the man being confronted by the flight attendance staff, as well as police officers and EMT.

That’s when he decided to light up what Dickey says was his second cigarette. The pilot was heard asking the first 13 rows of passengers to exit the plane so they could remove the man in question, who reportedly punched one of the other passengers as they attempted to exit.

The unidentified man was eventually handcuffed by police, who placed him on a stretcher where he was heard screaming.

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