Aleppo hospital targeted once again with barrel bombs
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Aleppo hospital targeted once again with barrel bombs

One of the leading hospitals in the targeted city of Syria, Aleppo, has been struck with yet another barrel bomb for the second time in 4 days. The tenaion arouse as regime forces backed by Russia bombarded rebel-held areas.

The M10 hospital was hit with a “downpour” of weapons including two barrel bombs, two cluster bombs and at least one rocket, Adham Sahloul, a spokesman for the Syrian American Medical Society, told CNN. However, none of the staff or patients were hurt.
M10 had just launched to advise basic emergency care Friday, Sahloul said, following an air strike two days earlier that had shut down the facility, including its desperate need to be admitted in the ICU. The city’s M2 hospital was put out of service after also being hit Wednesday, activists said.

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