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ActionAid new campaign for women is about their struggle.

Our society needs to be educated on women rights, the system is broken. The dilemma is, real barriers women face when accessing justice for crimes committed against them. Women around the world are so often cheated by the justice system abusers are protected while survivors are punished.

ActionAid is building a ‘Maze of Injustice’ to support their campaign, calling for better access to justice for women and girls affected by violence.

Following Women’s Equality Day on Monday 26th August, ActionAid report shows that one in three women worldwide will experience violence in their lifetime.

Yet in the UK and around the world, the odds are stacked against women and girls — many never get justice.

Barriers to justice include deep-rooted misogynistic beliefs, outdated traditions or laws, and unaffordable legal costs. Set alongside information, statistics and case studies, these obstacles will be brought to life in ActionAid’s ‘Maze of Injustice’ using mirrors, doors, and dead ends.


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