A Mother Strangles Her Son To Death
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A Mother Strangles Her Son To Death

Police have made an arrest of a woman who was accused of killing her six weeks old son. Sidra Parveen strangled her son, Hashir, to death due to a child-custody matter in concern with the in-laws on August 18.

The police rejected Parveen’s pre-arrest plea. Sidra was married to Adnan Rasheed, who was the main registrant of the complaint against her. Both had marital issues, that is why Sidra left her in-laws to reside with her parents at Chatha Bakhtawar.

In condition of the divorce, Sidra’s in-laws were demanding Hashir’s custody. On 16th August, Rasheed was informed that the infant has expired. This piqued his concern and he filed a complaint of murder.

A post-mortem by Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) has confirmed that the child was strangled.

In result of the report, Parveen’s father Muhammad Sabir and her brother Danyal were taken into custody by the police. During the interrogation, Sabir allegedly confessed to the strangling.

Parveen had attained a plea even before the arrest, but it has been rejected by the court now. While, Sabir is under judicial remand Danyal has been bailed plea on the surety bond of Rs 50,000.

The investigation into Sidra Parveen’s strong involvement is under-way. However, no body could surmise how a mother could kill her son without any repentance over a domestic abuse.

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