57 journalists killed in 2016 - Reporters Without Borders
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57 journalists killed in 2016 – Reporters Without Borders

According to ‘Reporters Without Borders’, atleast 57 journalists were killed in 2016 during their work hours. Reporters without Borders is the measurement index of press freedom, which is released every year.

The group pertaining to reach the freedom of expression revealed that 19 journalists were killed in Syria followed by 10 in Afghanistan, nine in Mexico and five in Iraq; the war-struck countries. Amongst the assassinated journalists, almost all were local or regional reporters.

Five female journalists, including a famous Mexican crime reporter, were also murdered this year.

In 2015, 67 journalists were killed, which is greater than the number issued this year. Reporters Without Borders have indicated the reason to “the fact that many journalists have fled countries that became too dangerous, especially Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and Burundi”. It further stated that the immediate extraction of reporters from the war-ridden countries had created “news and information black holes where impunity reigns”.

Apart from the reporters associated with the media houses, nine individual bloggers and eight indirect media workers have also been killed this year.

The group has conjoined their hopes with the incoming UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to appoint a special representative and a bill for the protection of journalists.

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