Unbelievable! Around 40 cats found dead in a storage unit
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Unbelievable! Around 40 cats found dead in a storage unit

As reported by CBS New York, dozens of dead cats were found in the freezers of the storage unit in Queens, Long City Island.

According to the police, about 40 dead cats were stored in two different freezers. But the sources cannot, for confirm, claim the exact amount as some of them were frozen together.

In the most eerie way imaginable, the cats were wrapped in bags, one of the cats was found presented in an aluminum serving tray; while two to three cats were served in another tray. The cats were found when the storage was bought for $400 in an auction.

The ASPCA department has stated that they would have to let the cats melt and thaw, before they can do any investigation on how the cats died.

As for the owner of the property, the police has revealed that the storage unit was rented out by a woman in 2014 who stopped paying rent in July, this year.

Apart from the dead cats, trash, books, and papers were also found. The NYPD Animal Cruelty Squad is currently investigating the matter.


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