2 suicide bombers blow themselves up in Turkey
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2 suicide bombers blow themselves up in Turkey

Two car bombs went off in the Turkish capital, Ankara, after anonymous terrorists blew themselves up after police asked them to surrender during an operation.

“One of the suspects has already been recognized. The other may be a woman, according to preliminary data. Chances are there may be a third suspect, but it is not yet confirmed.”

Around 200 kilograms of materials that was used for explosion was found at the scene. The incident happened on Haymana road on Ankara’s southern outskirts.

The attackers were preparing to carry out a car bomb attack. The governor said it was so far undecided where they planned to hit. He noted that they tried to mask themselves, hanging Turkish flags on their car.

Although it is not yet known whether they were solo wolves or belonged to a terror group, authorities sturdily consider the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) may be involved.

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