In 1971- 1973, Pakistani pilots were the best
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In 1971- 1973, Pakistani pilots were the best

Pakistani military; Airforce, Army, and Navy; has been recognized as the most powerful and the mightiest in the world. This is not a story of the recent times, as our forces have been instilled with hard work and talent since the start. However, Pakistani pilots are acclaimed throughout the world.

Chuck Yeager, a World War II fighter pilot, known for his valour in defeating the US enemies has stood by Pakistani pilots and has termed them as the best in an era from 1971 to 1973.

He stated that these pilots were the most experienced and trained in flying. Chuck commented on this topic while being questioned in a tweet:

To this tweet, Chuck replied:

We already knew that our forces across the sea, sky and border will always make us proud. 

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