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Mufti Qavi’s reactions on Qandeel Baloch’s death


Controversial statements from mufti sahab’s are not something new but this time Mufti Qavi made it worse.

It’s been few hours since we got to know about her death and Mufti Qavi did not want to left behind he took an advantage her death and changed his statement and said “People like her deserve such death, they are disgrace to our society”

Whereas in his previous statement Mufti Qavi said, he respected Qandeel Baloch for three reasons; she was his guest, she belongs to Multan, and she speaks Seraiki.

Pictures of the cleric and Qandeel Baloch stirred a storm on social media and eventually resulted in Mufti Qawi’s suspension from the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee.

Mufti Qavi told a private news channel previously that Qandeel Baloch was “like a daughter to him”, and that he was trying to bring her to the right path.

Mufti, who is known for his conservative stance seriously out stand himself this time.

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