Make them 'survivor,' and not a 'victim'!
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Make them ‘survivor,’ and not a ‘victim’!

By: Manal Mohtashim

Every sexual abuse survivor has a story buried deep within their soul, a traumatic story. But, it needs to be shared in order to light a ray of hope for every victim that goes through such distressing phase of life. Such experiences can be a hope of survival for other victim.

Today we see the opposite in our society, particularly in child sex abuse. Primarily, a victim never shares, thinking that no would believe them, and in other cases “Stay silent to it!” is what they often hear, specifically a female victim. People, especially victim’s parents, won’t let them speak. The prime reason to it is the established set of attitudes. They believe that it will cost their dignity and no one would consider her capable of getting married.

In maintaining a good reputation, they don’t realize that what impact the whole incident has created on her mind. Would she be comfortable again with people in her surroundings? Would she feel safe even among the ones she used to? Would she be able to trust someone again? Or have they ever realized will she herself or someone will be able to heal the scar that has been engraved by someone’s greedy lust onto her innocent canvas of soul?

Let them unbury the secrets that are buried deep into their inner self. Build a sense of trust and belief, which might be somewhat challenging, but it can definitely help them recover. Make your daughter excruciating experience, a ray of hope and aspiration for someone else’s daughter. Make them a “Survivor” and not a “Victim”.

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