These major cities around the world are planning to ban cars
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These major cities around the world are planning to ban cars

Environmental cleansing has become need of the time. With the growing problem of pollution around the world, it has become extremely difficult to control rising problems that stem out of it. Owing to this, some of the major cities worldwide have decided to ban cars in the near future.

Here is the video which lists the countries and the initiatives that they are planning to take in this regard:


Oslo plans on ending the usage of cars by 2019.


Paris still witnesses car-free Sundays along with a ban on older cars on weekdays.


London plans to ban diesel cars by 2020.


By 2020, 20 of the busiest roads of Spain’s capital will be car-free.


The city aims to cover 40 per cent of its area with green-car network.


The city is developing a wide 500km bicycle network to end the use of cars.


2 million cars are being laid off from roads every day.


All diesel cars will be banned by 2025.


Brussels is also aiming towards car-free Sundays.


New York is working to convert all of its main streets in pedestrian walkways.

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