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Australian university offers Pakistani students scholarships

Almost half of Pakistan’s population works in farming but only 30 universities offer degrees in agriculture. An Australian university is, however, now opening up programmes to Pakistani students along with scholarships.

The University of New England in Australia has campuses in Sydney and New South Wales. It offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programmes in over 50 disciplines, but its niche for Pakistani students is its Bachelor of Agriculture Studiesand the Graduate Certificate in Agriculture.

“Pakistan has a wide scope when it comes to agriculture,” a representative of the university told SAMAA Digital at the DAWN Education Expo in Karachi on Sunday. “This is why our focus is on recruiting as many Pakistani students for these programmes.”

Students are taught the consequences of land use and basic knowledge of agricultural systems. “To increase enrollment this year, we are meeting representatives of multiple agricultural universities in Pakistan,” she said. “We are looking forward to affiliating with these institutions so that more students across the country can come to Australia.”
She said that on average, 30 to 40 Pakistani students join the University of New England every year. They expect that the number will go up 10%.

The agriculture programme is three years long and has courses both online and on campus. It is based on experiential learning and takes students into the field. The programmes cost between AUS$28,000 and AUS$30,000.

If you’re thinking of applying, here are the things you need to know. Please note that with this story Samaa Digital only attempts to provide students with some basic information. Choosing a university requires much more exploration before you can arrive at the best decision. The financial information has been calculated on the exchange rate at the time and can fluctuate. Samaa Digital was unable to verify the reputation of this university independently.

Undergraduate degree

If you’re an A’ Level student, you need to at least have a B or above in three major subjects. If you’re a pre-engineering and a pre-medical student you need 50% marks and students from programmes of arts and commerce need a score of 70%. You also need an IELTS (English proficiency test) score of 6.0.

Graduate degree

Most Pakistani students opt for a Master’s or Graduate degree. For a Master’s degree two things are the most important: a Bachelor’s degree with a GPA above 3.5 and an IELTS score of 6.0. If someone is applying through their SAT, you must have a score of 1010.


The Australian government has introduced the Destination Australia Scholarship for its international students. You save up to AUS$15,000 which is approximately Rs1.5 million on it. The requirement for the scholarship is to have a GPA above 3.5. It’s for students from all disciplines.

Another scholarship that the university offers is the Accommodations Scholarship which is awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.

It will help you save up to AUS$11,000 which is Rs1.1 million.

If you’re interested in the programme and want to apply, you can email their representative at or visit

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