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Zanroo: The social listening platform is launching in Pakistan

The next generation localized digital media listening tool, Zanroo, is launching in Pakistan in partnership with Bramerz, to unveil a new social listening experience making it easier for brands in the region to gain valuable insights about their services from popular social media platforms. It is the first listening tool of Pakistan for the local market with its special capability to listen and analyze English, Urdu and Minglish at a brilliant speed.

Co-founder and VP of growth of Bramerz gave us quite an insight into what the future looks like for brands with the assistance of this tool, “Our aim is to be the ‘go to’ problem solver by helping brands use technology to obtain the right data to make insight-driven decisions, thus driving actions that create meaningful engagement”.

There is also a personal vision for Zanroo that was shared in a Q & A session at X2 Gulberg yesterday.

“Apart from the professional vision, the personal vision is that so many people commit suicide if not detected, the increasing number of suicides is worrying. Maybe through this we can also detect any kind of bullying and depression by selecting certain words to be detected”.

With the rapid increase in social media usage in the country, consumers are expressing/sharing their opinions (about products) that makes it important for companies to listen. Pakistan has over 60 million online users with a penetration rate of 27% which highlights the fact that he country has a fast-growing online population.

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