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Why YouTube video rankings differ from Google

If your video ranks high on YouTube, doesn’t mean it will take the top spot on Google searches too. A new report by search engine optimization company RankRanger shows a major difference in the algorithms of Google’s and YouTube’s way of ranking videos on desktop.

RankRanger compared the ranking of video carousels in Google desktop versus how YouTube ranks. RankRanger discovered that the algorithm Google uses for desktop search is different from the YouTube algorithm.

This study clearly showed that the YouTube search ranking algorithm is significantly different from the algorithm that Google search uses for videos in the video carousels. The study looked at 155 video carousel keywords and compared the rank of the top six cards in each carousel within Google search, then compared them to the URLs’ rank in the YouTube search results. The results showed that the first carousel video card had an average rank of position 14 in the YouTube search results. Here is a chart showing by video card placement number how the video ranks in YouTube for the same query:

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