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What to do if you witness Islamophobic harassment?

Previously we have been witnessing that not only in UK but France’s increasing anti-Muslim rhetoric came to a head with the practice of burkini bans in more than 30 coastal areas, and armed police imposing the haphazard provincial order.

Recently a 20 year old, Marie-Shirine Yener who is an illustrator lives in Paris. She decided to create a guide for the people so that they can help those who are being harassed.

Here’s how you can help those people:

  • Go and talk to the person and ignore the attacker!



  • Just pick up any topic and and start discussing it.


  • Try to comfort the person by building a safe space and ignore the attacker as much as you can.


  • Continue the conversation until the attacker leaves and then walk with them to a safe spot.


We should respect every other religion. So whenever you see any harassment try to follow these guides. In this way you can make Muslims feel safe in other countries.

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