The Highest Victory: Wisdom of winning without a fight!
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The Highest Victory: Wisdom of winning without a fight!

Ever wondered that raised voices and angry faces are not the solution to every problem? We, as human beings, generally resort to aggression and violence to gain edge in arguments and everyday life queries. You shout, you win – the end of discussion! But have you ever paused yourself in the mid of an argument, thinking that people might consent on not speaking in front of you due to your loud tone, but is that really a victory? No, that isn’t and never will be. The highest and the most laudable victory is when you win a case or point of consideration without a fight.

Here are some effective strategies or what we call in philosophical terminology as “Psychological Aikido,’ through which you can find solution to every problem without bending towards any argument or fight:

  • Do not fight or be aggressive at all. Remember that if you raise voice or stand with apprehension, you basically become the person you are fighting against. Too much of a power basically results in weakened personality.
  • If someone shouts at you or you are shouting at someone, this simply means that their conscience is not right at the moment. Talking your way out in such situation will never be good. Have you ever seen someone shouting at the other person who is cheerful and smiling? NO! So wait to relax or let others’ relax.
  • Counter shouting is no good. Two people shouting on each other will create chaos only. Thus, no solution will ever come out of this.
  • Do you know that when we shout, cry, scream or agonize that’s basically channeling our own frustration, sadness and anger into one place. So do not let yourself or others go through this agony via aggression, its their pain shouting. Try to relax them or keep calm yourself, they will soon resort to shutting themselves. Let them cool off.

There is surely no doubt that one of the toughest point of your lives is when you have to keep yourself calm and adamant on not to shout or scream like the other person. But remember that conflict and gaps in heart arise when two people resort to violence without thinking of the consequences. So, if you want to maintain amiability between others, be wise and stick to these rules.

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