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Why it is essential for marketers to understand consumer needs.

It is always difficult to understand the needs of the consumer. They often tend to change with time. Companies spend millions on marketing research, trying to get to know consumer behavior.  Marketers try to make the customer realize the need for the product, and convince people to accept the ideology behind the brand.

A lot of times, companies just market the product without understanding the right attributes of the buyer. The customer only buys the product or service, if the marketing is appealing or the product itself is a necessity.  There are several companies who don’t mention the attributes of the product but they relate the idea to market which is relatable and emotional.

People see an advertisement and try to relate with it, sometimes the brand focuses on the emotional aspects of consumer and tries to engage the customer mind.  The more people are going to relate, more chances of advertisement credibility get high. No matter how strong brand attribute is, but the emotional aspect in marketing is always a winner.

There are certain brands who have achieved the brand magnanimity and they are just cashing their name. The marketer should know consumer insights, which include demographics, culture, norms and other social values. Often when companies ignore to understand consumer needs and values, marketing plans backfire and it becomes a problem for the company.

The best way to create the idea of marketing is to keep adapting what customer wants, what motivates and engages the customer and then do the marketing accordingly.

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