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Why consumers become reluctant to buy brands, when they experience bad ethical practices!

Brands around the world strategise on marketing, CSR and customer services, but they often fail to understand the consumer nature. Someone said to me, if the brand is focusing on the product in the advertisement rather than focusing on the customer, there are high chances that the customer will not be able to relate with the advertisement.

For brands, it is a challenge to create positive brand recall in the mind of the consumer. These challenges often highlight what cultural insights the brand is ignoring about the customer geographic or demographic factors.

One bad campaign can cost the brand to lose its customers and create a negative impact in the market. This can damage the brand reputation and will force the brand to change its strategies.

As far as ethical practices are concerned, there are brands who ignore this factor and do not focus on learning about the insights of its consumers. Customer services should be the number one priority for any brand.

Customers are inclined towards emotional drivers, which mean if the brand values their sentiment; the customer is going to take the ownership of the brand and will have a positive attitude towards the marketing tactics.

If the consumers start to take ownership of the brands, then the company will have long sustainable relationship with its consumers. Otherwise, consumer will switch to other brands if they find the practices unethical.

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