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By: Yumna Tirmizi

Whenever something starts it eventually has to end at some point. Whether its life, your school, college, university, or your professional life. Life ends with death, similarly when you enter your professional life it also ends. Sometimes you change your job; sometimes you quit your job. When you quit your job it’s normally because of these reasons. One reason is you get a better job opportunity from another company, second reason could be that maybe you’re having some issues with your co workers. Third reason could be the lack of your interest and the fourth reason could be you‘re planning to start your own business and because of these reasons you quit your job but you face some issues while confronting your Boss.

That’s when you start behaving in a weird way that irritates your co workers and then you sometimes lie and then quit your job. One day you’re fine and the other day you just send an email stating that you want to quit this job for xyz reason. If you did that, or planning to do that trust me it’s not at all professional. You have to be graceful while leaving your job. Here’s how you can do it.

You gave more than 5 years to this company so have some ethics and try to talk to your Boss and inform him why you want to quit your job. You should give a notice 3 weeks before leaving your job so that you can hand over all your work to the next person who is being hired.  Write a resignation letter and tell your supervisor in-person that you’re leaving. A resignation letter can help you maintain a positive relationship with your employees. You never know when you might need that old employer to give you a reference, so it makes sense to take the time to write a professional resignation letter. Then comes the hardest part that what should you tell your boss? It’s very simple just be positive and professional. Don’t say much; emphasize more on how the company benefited you. Don’t be negative, there’s no point in that. Return whatever you have that belongs to the company. It’s better to return it first rather than waiting for them to ask you. Whether you have company keys, documents, laptop, and phone.

When you have decided that you’re going to quit this job, inform your boss first because he wouldn’t like it if he came to know about it from someone else. Tell him how this company helped you grow and whatever you are today is all because of this company; tell how much you learned from this company. Before leaving meet everyone and say goodbye in a positive way. No need to keep any grudges. You should leave your company with doors open because you never know what life surprises you next with.

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