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Top secret place where no human is allowed to enter.

Brazil is famour for things such as its beauty, football and coffee were the world’s recent focus due to the Football World Cup. But did you know there is an island in this beautiful country where no human is allowed to visit! Yes, no human! This island is inhabited by the world’s most poisonous snakes. The island is called Alhudui Meda is located within a distance of twenty-two miles from the Sappolo city, and there are thousands of blend snakes found in the lance head viper.

The poison of these snakes is so dangerous that within a few moments of their bite death is imminent and not just that after a while the body starts to separate from the bone.This is the reason why the Brazilian government has prohibited humans to visit this land ruled by the snakes. These snakes are known to be found only on this island.

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