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Top apps Apple thinks everyone should have on their iPhone

There are over a million iPhone apps out there, and figuring out which ones are worth your time (and storage space) can be a chore. But Apple wants to help. The company recently released a list of the 10 apps, besides its own, that you should have on any new iPhone.

These are the essentials Apple apps everyone should have:-

1Password helps you keep your accounts secure:-

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1Password is the best app for managing your web logins and sensitive information. It has a user-friendly interface, and it’s available on whatever device you have with you at the moment, whether it be your desktop, phone, or even Apple Watch.

1Password will generate secure passwords for you and fill them in on websites using its free Safari and Google Chrome extensions.

RunKeeper is your best work out companion:-

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RunKeeper lets you choose or create different types of workouts, including intervals, and warm-up and cool-down sessions. You can also set new routes, track your GPS and run statistics, and hook up the device to a heart-rate monitor and other fitness sensors. You can also set goals for yourself within the app, including finishing a race, running a certain distance, or losing weight. And you can compare your results with friends or choose to put your results on private for the day if you aren’t feeling competitive.


Camera+ will help you shoot photos like a professional:-

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Camera+ is one of the best alternatives to Apple’s stock camera app. The app features focus modes, a handy “Lumy” feature for perfect lighting, and plenty of photo filters. You can also pair two iOS devices together with “AirSnap” to take photos from afar by turning one device into a remote shutter and preview screen


Replay Video Editor is a simple and powerful tool:-

Replay Video Editor is a simple and powerful tool.

Replay Video Editor is great for when you just want to quickly throw together a video and set it to music. There are 27 video styles to choose from, slo-mo, music-syncing, and no delay so you can watch what you create instantly.

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