If "Selfie Narcissism" was a trend in primitive times
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If “Selfie Narcissism” was a trend in primitive times

Narcissus a hunter was the son of the river God Cephissus. He went to a pool, where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, he stared at his reflection until he died.

Now imagine if Narcissus has lived in this era with all the smart phone technology, I feel sorry for him to lived in the wrong time – even mythical or not. The poor guy can only see the reflection merely in water and not in a highly designed camera of smartphones. I cannot imagine how happy he would have been with a selfie to fell in love with.

But never mind, nowadays I have seen many of the Narcissus on my profile of Facebook, Insta or any other social apps with obsession of taking a selfie with or without any reason. I have seen people on highly traffic or crowded places with their phones in hands making pouts and taking selfie with awkward postures when there is no such reason to gaze at their own visage, and share it on different social apps so the rest of the people can also gaze upon it.

It’s been a trend, whatever you do just post it so that people can like or scroll through it. Can you imagine Mother Teresa taking out her smartphone with a selfie application to snap it first before caring for others? Can you imagine Napoleon taking a selfie as his army moves forward?

Either way if you are obsessed with selfies, you are referencing towards the behavior context of “I vs Me vs Myself”. This addiction is alarming the psychologists that the generation we are raising relies on attention seeking and self-obsession. There is nothing wrong with a little confidence and posting a picture, go ahead! But be mindful of the reasons behind that picture.

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