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Samsung decides to cease manufacturing of Galaxy J series mobiles

Samsung is setting up for a significant overhaul of its Galaxy J-series lineup, launching new series and merging others. The J-series mobile of Samsung had gained massive popularity in South Asian countries.

As per the report, by phasing out the J-series, Samsung is coming up with the new A-series.  Comparatively, A -series mobile will be more expensive than of J series. Similarly, the company will also add some economic mobile in the new A-series. The companies claim that after launching A-series mobile phones Samsung will fend off competition from cheaper Chinese phones.

DJ Koh, Samsung’s mobile division CEO, said: “We are planning to bring more advanced features to mid-range phones, possibly before they even reach high-end ones.” Samsung will be launching the new M-series, which will succeed the current Galaxy On phones. The On-series is currently positioned as Samsung’s online-only brand, with a bunch of budget and upper mid-range phones in its portfolio. It is yet to be seen how this series will differ from the A-series lineup. The new revamp could also help better distinguish Samsung’s different lineups from each other, as the current generation overlaps at several points.

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