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Is It Okay To Be A Grumpy Git?


We should ask ourselves why we behave like children why we keeping having meltdowns or yell like kids?


Those temporary feelings of grumpiness that we commonly call a bad mood is actually good for the brain, i am not talking about the clinical depression but rather those temporary feelings of grumpiness.Capture

You can expect it to get harder before it gets easier. Just like with any lifestyle change, you will hit walls along the way, and they might even knock you back a step or two. It’s okay!

It’s okay to be grumpy sometimes, to have bad days, to struggle, to make mistakes, to say the wrong thing, to feel overwhelmed and underappreciated.

Remember, we’re imperfect humans growing in an imperfect world, and that’s perfectly okay. Just don’t be hard on yourself.


You are human you are gonna screw up others gonna screw up, Let it go!



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