Never limit yourself!
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Never limit yourself!

Everyone wants to be noticed in the meetings and discussions, similarly, everyone wants to be vocal. There’s an abundance in living the life on your own terms, we all are learning and struggling in a complex society where your bosses/managers/subordinates want to show you to the world yet they don’t want you to speak, they might be afraid of your confidence within yourself or they might be insecure vice versa.

Bring your own Ideas: There’s no harm sharing what you think, and for being who the real you. It’s just sometimes our chaos never supports us because we are busy in getting what people will think?. It’s okay, you are not born to please people but remember if you are there and if you think that your opinion matters then bring your own sunshine into the room.

The Sound of your Deliverance: Breathe like a singer, the sound of your voice plays a vital role in your pitch, before going to any
official meeting gargle your throat and there are some exercises in a practice of Oprah singing you can do that too. Be firm in your body language while play intellectually, however people like articulated sentences and they love to impose direct to the point. These are the main elements of exchanging the information.

Don’t be Afraid: Life without fears is life with wings and a vision of a falcon; your brain shares a reflection of what you are seeing and observing. Step into your world and unveil the secret of professionals – if you hesitate with your customer or with your boss then you are afraid of learning/exploring, you need to engage your clients/ boss and people if you really need to succeed i.e. a baby can engage anyone by making weird noises or being cute, that baby is not worried how people will react or respond in fact that baby is happy as long as he is being cherished. Be that baby step up what attracts you and let
people attract back to you.

Ask Questions: Asking is the only art to get what you want in your life, the same thing goes in your career, in your sales pitch, ask until you get it. Your questions are your way to get the knowledge from your client, your boss and in fact from your colleagues. Make your impact by asking and sharing the solutions before leaving the room. Leave it with a thousand thought.

Be open to the critics: Critics have been amassing wealth and accumulating opportunities, only if you don’t take words to heart.
Once you shared your opinions maybe your words won’t in acceptance, maybe you will face immediate actions by your heads, maybe you will face hatred. But in your heart, you will be satisfied for speaking up, learn and share the lesson be a combat, they hire you to be their voice not to act like a statue.

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