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Negativity can cost you your job

Many of us gossip, whine or complain just out of habit. Do any of these too often and dig a deeper hole for yourself causing your job to be in danger. Negative employees are often referred to as ‘cancer’ by upper management for good a reason that they will eventually be cut out before they contaminate the entire team. A good approach if you have a complaint is to speak with your manager directly, in private.  Never rant with your co-workers for support and empathy. Respect the judgment of your seniors and management as they know their responsibilities and will own up to their decisions.

Do you routinely roll your eyes? Do you have a weak handshake? Do you avoid making eye contact? These could all be career killers. We clearly need to understand that actions speak louder than words. Majority of our communication is done through non-verbal cues. Co-workers, managers or clients may perceive some of your non-verbal communication habits as rude or unprofessional and these things could eventually have a significant impact on the advancement of your career.

Manners are important, so don’t be rude.  And above all, if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. These are just a few bad habits that can cause you to be fired, turned down for a job offer, or looked over for that promotion. Keep calm stay motivated and be a team player, for Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

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