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NBC’s Brian Williams says, “Our job is to scare people to death,” over North Korea

On Tuesday night MSNBC’s Brian Williams bluntly told his panel on the channel’s flagship prime time program, The 11th Hour, that “our job tonight actually is scare people to death” over North Korea. I  personally believe its the media’s job to be investigating and uncovering the truth and accurately analyzing instead of fear mongering, Brian Williams believes it’s his and NBC’s job to induce constant fear in the public. He just openly stated that.

Though the world is currently witnessing a dangerous war of words between President Trump and the so-called hermit kingdom, mainstream media reporting has long been driven by simplistic fear mongering concerning the geopolitical dynamics driving tensions in the region. The American public is generally woefully uneducated regarding to history of US-North Korean tensions and war.

According to the 20th century theologian and political commentator Reinhold Niebuhr, fear is a prime means which leading public institutions and elites utilize to keep the masses loyal. Fear and sensationalized coverage is also good for ratings and advertising revenue. Niebuhr says society’s “myth-makers” – an apt description of today’s major corporate media – constantly give us mere illusions divorced from truth.

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