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Must have gadgets that’ll make your everyday life easier

A good gadget solves a problem, but solving a problem isn’t the same as making your life easier.A fitness tracker might help you live healthier, but being constantly reminded to move isn’t very relaxing. A drone might help you take awesome photos, but you have to not crash it. A smartphone might let you communicate with anyone in the world, but social media exists.

Below we’ve rounded up a few gadgets that can add to your day, but don’t demand much in return. Some are specific, some are general ideas, but none of them will wind up being another thing to worry about.


A portable battery:-

A portable battery

The next time your phone dies before you could call that cab home, you’ll have wished you had a portable battery on you. We’ve recommended Anker’s PowerCore series before, and its PowerCore 10000 packs plenty of power in a compact, not-that-expensive package.


A Roku media streamer:-

If you’re looking for the easiest way to stream media from the largest number of sources, Roku’s streaming stick is the best solution. It’s small enough to take when you travel and can be powered by your TV’s USB port, and it gives you access to more content than you’ll be able to consume. Whether you want to watch the next season of “House of Cards” the day it’s released, catch up on older shows you missed the first time around, or find something completely new, there’ll be a Roku channel for you.


A Tile:-

If you’re worried you might lose something valuable, throw a Tile on it. The diminutive Bluetooth tracker can talk with (and remotely ring) your phone from over 100 feet away, telling you exactly where you left your particular thing. A nifty “Community Find” feature helps you locate anything beyond that.


Philips Hue smart bulbs:-

Although they’re a definite luxury, smart bulbs can also make frustrating situations a lot easier.

In any case, you can turn your overhead apartment light on and off without having to cross the room each time. For you, it could be turning lights on when you’re not home because of safety concerns, or answering the question “did I turn off the light in the garage” once and for all.This starter kit includes three bulbs and a Hue Bridge, which is required to connect the bulbs to your home network. Each bridge can support up to 50 Hue devices, so you can always add more later on.

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