Ever wondered which is the most inventive country in the world?
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Ever wondered which is the most inventive country in the world?

Yes, this may sound a bit erratic, there is a way through which you can gauge the inventiveness of the countries and their innovation level. The idea that a country is capable of producing technologies and new products & services that can serve the world is what makes it inventive and more innovative as compared to the others.

How Much created a map through which they can find out the above mentioned criteria on a country-scale perspective. The website found out the number of patents regarding the invention of new products with relevance to the nations registered throughout the world.

Here is the map which depicts the countries which had more patents than the others:

Ever wondered which are the most inventive countries in the world?

As seen through the map, the US had had highest number of patents, 3 million, through the courtesy of California followed by 1 million in Japan.

After California, the most patents came from New York (222,000), Texas (193,000) and Illinois (142,000).

NOTE: A patent is basically the official approval of technology that registers the desired product a person or a company wants to register.

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